Clifton-upon-Dunsmore Solar Farm

  • Residential
  • Location: Clifton-upon-Dunsmore, Warwickshire
  • Client: Pegasus Group
  • Year: 2016
  • Sector: Rural

Verified Views for a proposed solar farm close to Hillmorton Locks in Dunsmore

One particular area that is seeing increasing investment every year is renewable energy. As the UK moves away from traditional fossil fuel based energy towards a more sustainable future, there is an increasing need to find suitable land in which to house new sustainable projects. Solar and wind farms are supported by most people in theory, but they can be difficult to actually build as land selected is often in rural locations close to rural communities which are sensitive to this type of development.

Therefore, verified views are crucial in these kinds of projects. Local planning authorities and residents alike are very keen to know just how visible these new proposals will be. So, when we were approached by the Pegasus Group to produce a selection of different verified views for a new solar farm close to Hillmorton Locks in Dunsmore, we prepared photorealistic views to ensure they were as accurate possible in terms of materials, lighting, size and scale.

We were asked to provide two AVR3 level photorealistic verified views for the project. The proposal was situated on a piece of land that faced south. The land sloped away from the town so it was well suited for visibility from the local property owners, but it was clearly visible from the A5 which ran nearby. Producing high quality photorealistic montages was crucial then.

We first visited the site, taking high quality photos along with pinpoint accurate GPS data. We also made sure to note all of the conditions that would affect the view such as weather, time of day and date. We then produced a highly accurate 3D CGI model of the solar farm that would reflect precisely how the proposal would look. To draw the photomontage together, we then inserted the models into their precise location in the scene, using the GPS data, and spent time rendering and texturing them accurately. It was particularly important in this project to render the vegetation as accurately as possible, to ensure that the landscape strategy was properly considered with the planning application.

Solar Farm Baseline View“> Solar Farm AVR3 Verified View“>

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