Princes Risborough

  • Rural
  • Location: Princes Risborough
  • Client: arc Landscape Design and Planning
  • Year: 2016
  • Sector: Rural

Verified Views for new housing development close to Princes Risborough in Chilterns’ Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Some pieces of land are more sensitive than others. It is vitally important when developing a new project that the proposal does not disturb the local community or negatively impact the land itself. Wherever possible, developments should improve the area, filling a gap to enhance the local community in some way.

Few pieces of land are more sensitive than Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or AONB for short. These carefully protected sites often house breath-taking natural views, calming landscapes and a completely different pace of life than built up urban areas. One such AONB can be found in the Chilterns’ just outside of London.

A popular commuter area, the Chilterns offers all of the benefits of rural life while still being connected via train to the work hub that is London city centre. Historically, London’s expansion has always been controversial. By far the largest city in the UK, London sprawls across a vast area of land and so development in rural areas around it must be carefully controlled.

Therefore, when we were approached by Arc Landscape Design and Planning to produce a series of five different AVR3 level Verified Views for a project proposal in the Chilterns’ AONB, it was vital that we made the photomontages as precise as possible. Technical accuracy was paramount on this project as we needed to give as accurate a depiction of the development’s visual impact as possible. This would mean that the local planning authority would have a detailed and thorough visual representation of just what impact the development would have on the local area.

When dealing with sensitive sites, particularly rural ones like the Princes Risborough area, Verified Views are incredibly important. By taking real life photos of the site with the highest quality industry standard camera equipment we are able to capture exactly how the site currently looks. Then by carefully modelling, measuring and rendering the development proposal onto those images we can see exactly how much visual impact it will have on the area. The simplest way to quantify visual impact is to look with your own eyes. So with our Verified Views, we always strive to make them as close to reality as possible.

Viewpoint 3 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 3 AVR3 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 2 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 2 AVR3 Verified View“>

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