Premier Gate Way

  • Landmark
  • Residential
  • Location: Woking, Surrey
  • Client: Influence Environmental
  • Year: 2019
  • Sector: Landmark, Residential

AVR2 Verified Views for proposed new 16 storey, 250 apartment block in Woking Town Centre.

Woking Town Centre is a hub of growth. New high-rise buildings are springing up all the time in a bid to provide affordable housing. We were excited therefore to help work on a project that sought to do better than that.

The aim of Premier Gate Way, designed by Aqua Architects, was to create a space tailored entirely for the needs of the local community. Taking cues from visions of the future, the Premier Tower was designed to be a fully packaged space for community living. With an emphasis on open green communal spaces, the development was divided into several layers, going from six storeys all the way up to sixteen. This tiered effect allowed them to create a series of open spaces, each one with a different view and shape.

The high quality design of the build was intended to match with the enhanced amenities available. The lower levels of the development offered space for a local business hub, while a large play area towards the back of the building was designed to provide a fun, safe location for local children to come and play. The mix of different apartment types in the building were even carefully matched to local needs, with a focus on giving young buyers a step onto the property ladder.

Therefore, our involvement in this project has a clear focus: to capture the size, detail and massing of the building, to assist Influence Environmental in completing their Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment (TVIA). We incorporated tilt-shift photography to capture the full vertical extent of the building from close proximity. For the final output, we delivered four AVR2 verified views, each from different viewpoints, capturing the visual context from around Woking Town Centre.

Viewpoint 12 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 12 AVR2 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 17 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 17 AVR2 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 10 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 10 AVR2 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 12 AVR3 Verified View
Rendered View of Premier Gateway

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