101 George Street

  • Commercial
  • Landmark
  • Residential
  • Location: Croydon
  • Client: Tide Constrution
  • Year: 2017-2019
  • Sector: Urban

Verified Views for a proposed double-tower skyscraper in Croydon, UK.

Throughout London there are many communities in need of new development. With housing shortages and increasing numbers of workers commuting to the city centre, it is important to support communities within the city. Rbmp were approached by Tide Construction and HTA Design to produce a series of verified views, for an exciting new project in Croydon.

The proposal in question was a double-tower skyscraper on the former Essex House site in Croydon. Reaching 38 storeys on one side and 44 on the other, it was very important for the planning authorities to gain a good understanding of the visual impact of the build. Completed in 2020, it is now the tallest prefabricated tower in the world, housing 546 apartments.

We worked to produce a series of 25 different verified views of the site. These were all from different distances and locations to provide a comprehensive picture of what the proposal would look like. Along with the proposed development a set of AVR Verified View were also produced to show what the cumulative effect of other proposed towers would look like once complete.

rbmp created a fully rendered, accurate model of the building using the Architects plans. We then positioned it precisely in its real-world location in each photograph, using carefully surveyed reference points. Many of these verified views were photorealistic at AVR3 level and so we spent a lot of time making sure to accurately match the lighting and weather effects with the baseline photographs.

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