Chapel Farm

  • Residential
  • Rural
  • Location: Abergavenny
  • Client: Hallam Land Management
  • Year: 2019
  • Sector: Residential

Verified Views for proposed housing development on the edge of Abergavenny in South Wales

Not all of our verified views projects are the same. We find ourselves continually adapting and updating our process to fit the specific needs of our clients and each individual site. Some sites require just a couple of basic AVR1 photomontages to get a simple sense of the scale of a project. Others require a more specific approach.

One such example of this which we worked on in 2019 with Hallam Land Management, was the proposal for a new residential development in Abergavenny, South Wales. Near the border with Brecon Beacons, the development proposal sought to construct 130 new homes in the area. The aim was to provide a new set of homes for those in the local area, and to attract those from further afield to move to the region.

The local authority had requested a selection of verified views and photomontages so that they could see the design principles shown in their real-world context. The proposed houses were two storeys tall, standing at roughly 10m so assessing their visual impact on the area was highly important, especially as there were so many of them. Therefore, we produced a series of four AVR2 level photomontages for them.

Each of the four photomontages was different. The planning authority requested panoramic montages which reflected the view of the human eye better. We created those by taking a series of high quality photos with a 50mm lens, to fit with regulations, and stitching them seamlessly together. We produced two verified views at a near distance, showing the proposal from up close, and another two from a far distance to get a sense of the broader visual impact the development would have. The planning authority were also keen to see how the vegetation strategy would develop over the years following construction. We produced views showing the  tree and shrub growth at completion, and after 15 years.

Viewpoint 2 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 2 AVR1 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 1 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 1 AVR2 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 4 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 4 AVR1 Verified View“>

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