Duke’s Meadow Tennis Hall

  • Commercial
  • Historic Sites
  • Location: Chiswick, London
  • Client: Michelle Bolger Expert Landscape Consultancy (MBELC)
  • Year: 2016
  • Sector: Commercial

Verified Views testing the use of colour and lighting for a temporary indoor tennis dome in Chiswick.

We are fortunate enough to work on a variety of projects. No single verified views task is the same as the others as every client has slightly different needs. We relish the opportunity to take up different projects and the Duke’s Meadow Tennis Hall was no exception.

Located in Chiswick, the site was close to London city centre. Duke’s Meadow aim to provide people of all backgrounds with the chance to come and play sports like tennis and golf without having to sign up for a membership. They want it to be an inviting space that felt open to individuals of all backgrounds and proficiencies.

Dukes Meadow used a temporary dome for some of their tennis courts, which drew concerns from the local planning authority. The structure needed updating and, as a part of the update, they requested that a variety of colours be considered that might blend the structure with the surrounding open parkland. The original white colour, although consistent with the recreational site, created a stark contrast.

We were asked to join Michelle Bolger Expert Landscape Consultancy (MBLEC) in providing five different verified views of the site in order to explore some different options. All AVR3 photomontages were required to be photorealistic images of what each new colour option would look like in multiple lighting scenarios. Creating both night-time and daytime images required us to really focus on the use of lighting.

MBLEC needed the views to sit within their LVIA document exploring the impact of colours and lighting options that that would be favourable to the surrounding site and help secure planning authority approval for a permanent structure. The dome needed to fit seamlessly in the environment around it.

Viewpoint 01 White AVR3 Verified View“> Viewpoint 01 White AVR3 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 02 Night Time AVR3 Verified View“> Viewpoint 02 Night Time AVR3 Verified View - Green Material“>

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