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We produce highly accurate AVR Verified Views and Photomontages that tell you what a development will look like in the real world.

Viewpoint 2 AVR3 Verified View

Also known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) and Visually Verified Montages (VVM), Verified Views are created using a combination of real-world photography, survey data, 3D modelling and computer-generated images (CGI).

The photomontages produced are extremely accurate, scaled images of what a scheme will look like in the real-world context of its proposed location. They are used to help clients gain planning consent all across the UK.

Our verified views methodology follows rigorous advice set out by the Landscape Institute and London View Framework to ensure robustness. Often these images provide the first definitive idea of exactly how a development will look once complete, and therefore must be reliable and highly accurate. We use the latest industry technology to develop all AVR classifications (AVR0 – AVR3). The views created show exactly the way the building would look in reality. This is vital when assessing the visual impact of the proposed development.

All our Verified Views use precise, site-specific geographic data and cutting-edge 3D modelling to create the virtual view exactly as it would be seen in the real-world. CGI is then used to place the development within the photomontage, making it a seamless transition between the reality of the photograph and the 3D model.

Rbmp is a full-service studio. From photography to view creation, we carry out every stage of the process ourselves. This allows us to be dynamic, cost-effective and adapt to client changes and requirements.

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101 George Street Viewpoint 06 Baseline Image“> 101 George Street Viewpoint 06 AV3 View“>
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About us

We are an award winning creative team with a background in landscape architecture and a passion for communicating proposals and ideas. We have provided highly accurate Verified Views for over 50 schemes within the past 3 years for clients including The Eden Project, Blenheim Palace, Barratt Homes, Peter Brett Associates, Tide Construction and London Borough of Islington. Permission has being secured for projects including schemes of 2500 residential units in Bristol and 40-storey towers in Croydon, London.

It is an absolute joy to work with rbmp. They are extremely reliable and helpful, easy to speak to and to understand (no jargon) and always get back to you really quickly, trying to find the most cost-effective and creative solution.

Petra Funk, Gustafson Porter

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