Villa Farm AVR3 Verified View

The requirements for new developments in rural areas are often set against the protection of the surrounding countryside. As rural economic and cultural diversification accelerates, so does the requirement for new types of land use which can lead to new structures requiring Verified Views.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments assessing the landscape character of a local area provide frameworks and briefs from which decisions on placement structures can be considered and determined. Verified Views are a key aspect of these visual assessment, they give a clear un-biased indication of what a proposal will look like from key viewpoints and receptors which can often be from far afield due to the open nature of the landscape.

Rbmp have extensive experience of working with developers, planning consultancies and land-owners to determine key viewpoints of schemes from the surrounding rural landscape. Accurate Verified Views are then created to present a clear and accurate impression of what the development will look like once complete. This often includes layers of corresponding information over a series of photomontages. For instance, how mitigation tree and shrub planting will develop over 5, 10 or 15 years as it matures, blocking and enhancing the view.

Rural Verified Views projects can include isolated agricultural buildings, processing plants, or residential extensions. Zone of Theoretical Visibility Analysis (ZTV/ZVI) studies are a helpful tool when determining which views are important and explaining why the viewpoints have been chosen.

Villa Farm AVR3 Baseline Image“> Villa Farm AVR3 Verified View“>
Farndon Viewpoint 1 Baseline Image“> Farndon Viewpoint 1 AVR2 View“>

Why choose rbmp for your rural verified views?

We understand the unique challenges of rural development and the importance of accurate visual assessments. We’ve worked across the rural development sector throughout the UK, responding to the unique, challenging and local sensitivities of each project. Recent projects include:

  • Biogas plants across the UK
  • Energy development infrastructure
  • Windfarms and solar/ photovoltaic farms
  • New agricultural buildings
  • Transport infrastructure networks
  • Small and large-scale residential developments

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