Friar Lane

  • Historic Sites
  • Residential
  • Location: Leicester City Centre
  • Client: Yeme Architects
  • Year: 2019
  • Sector: Residential

Verified Views for proposed new student accommodation block within Leicester City Centre.

Friar Lane in Leicester City Centre is a highly sensitive area. Efforts are being made regularly by the council to preserve and restore the older buildings to maintain the area’s architectural heart. Many of the buildings are Grade II listed and so require careful maintenance.

Any new development within a conservation area therefore has to meet a whole series of architectural standards. They have to fit well into the area, complimenting the older buildings around them. There is an understanding that new development will happen and as such quality of workmanship and the sense of offering something new and exciting is all important. Functionality is also key, these new builds have to offer something to their community with as few complications as possible.

Therefore, we took it very seriously when Yeme Architects contacted us about providing verified views of their new planned development. The client, having acquired a disused commercial unit that used to house a yoga studio, planned to develop it into a new student accommodation block. The goal was to provide around 88 additional bedrooms to students in the heart of the city, just opposite De Montfort University campus.

This was one of the times where a simple wireframe photomontage would have been insufficient in gauging the visual impact of the development. In order to accurately convey how the development would sit in such a carefully preserved area, we developed two AVR3 photomontages, showcasing accurate lighting, materials and dimensions, all from the view of passers by walking along the street.

The initial designs saw the building reaching 5/6 storeys, but later amendments reduced the height to 4/5 storeys. The more compact design also saw greater shape variety that helped the red brick façade better compliment the similar building next door. By having such photorealistic verified views, the architects were able to see exactly how their proposal would fit into the area. In such carefully protected locations, verified views are crucially important.

Viewpoint 2 Baseline Image“> AVR3 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 1 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 1 AVR3 Verified View“>

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