Windsor Street

  • Residential
  • Location: Islington
  • Client: Islington Council
  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Sector: Residential, Urban

Verified Views for a proposed new housing block in Islington, near Essex Road.

Due to a lack of investment, specialised accommodation for those requiring assisted living can be very hard to come by. It can often be particularly hard to find local accommodation that can be adapted and suited to the specific needs of the residents. As a result, Islington Council were keen to work with Studio Partington in developing a brand-new block in the local borough.

Comprised of 14 units together with communal facilities for residents and staff, the proposal seeks to provide supported living accommodation for people with high needs learning difficulties in the local area.

The site itself was somewhat sensitive and so rbmp were approached to produce 8 different verified views. The existing Garages on the eastern edge of the site were built around 1955, while the western part of the site, currently the existing ground level car park was a playground until the late 1990s.

Many local residents had concerns about the proximity of the site to their own homes as many of their gardens back directly onto the site. The proposed building is 3 storeys tall and so will impact the view from the end of the rear of their properties.

Therefore, we were needed to show both the residents and Islington Council what the actual visual impact would be with a series of photorealistic montages situated within each of the gardens and properties. The front of the building is intended to open up out onto  the corner of Windsor Street and so the building had to be carefully considered for its visual impact from both in front and behind.

Rbmp prepared a photorealistic model and sited it into the photos to give an accurate impression of how the scheme would look, once complete. Viewpoints were selected from the surrounding Windsor Street area, and also the rear gardens and windows within the properties.

The development gained planning permission in 2018, with rbmp attending the Planning Inquiry in order to provide evidence on how the views were created.

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