Great North Road

  • Commercial
  • Landmark
  • Location: East Finchley, London
  • Client: Clive Sall Architecture
  • Year: 2017
  • Sector: Landmark, Commercial


The London skyline is dominated by tall buildings. The closer to the city centre you are, the less of the sky you can see. London in particular is built on fairly flat land, so any taller building that is constructed is visible from even further away. In cases like this, it is paramount that you use verified views to determine the visual impact of the build in order to gain planning permission from the local authority.

The height and massing of the building is something that has to be carefully considered, even just a few storeys can make all the difference in the visual impact of a build. This is something we were keenly aware of when we worked with Clive Sall Architecture on a proposal they were working on in East Finchley.

The urban development hinged on a crucial decision, whether it would be eight storeys tall, or fourteen. It was vital that both options were carefully considered. Cherry Tree Wood Park and low density residential areas surrounded the site as well as the historic centre of East Finchley, so it was important that proposed development would not impact adversely on the local setting and landscape.

Therefore, we were very thorough in providing a whole series of verified views for the client. We were tasked with creating eleven photomontages in total across the two different options; eight and fourteen stories. They were all setup as AVR2 wireline verified views showing architectural details. The viewpoint selection was focused on the visual impact of the site and shape, massing and scale of the building.

We made sure that all of these different viewpoints covered real life areas that would be visually impacted, including both residential areas and the Cherry Tree Wood Park. It is so important in such a well populated, built-up area that as many different viewpoints are considered as possible as the new development will impact so many different people.

Viewpoint 2 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 2 AVR2 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 3 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 3 AVR2 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 1 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 1 AVR2 Verified View“>

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