• Residential
  • Location: Charfield, Gloucestershire
  • Client: Barratt Homes
  • Year: 2016
  • Sector: Residential

Verified Views for a proposed new housing development close to Charfield village.

Many local councils across the UK are striving to hit housing goals set by the government. In many rural areas, new housing developments are progressing quickly to provide affordable homes to the public. A government mandate demanded that local councils worked towards the target of 300,000 new homes a year from the mid-2020s onwards. Councils that fail to deliver on these targets face fines.

Often these fast-paced developments require high levels of creativity to work around certain limitations, as we found when working on the Charfield proposal back in 2016.

Spread across 6.4 hectares of land, the Charfield proposal in Gloucestershire aimed to build one hundred and twenty-one new dwellings, forty-two of which would be affordable homes. In addition to these new houses, the development sought to introduce a new retail unit, an open space and ecological development in the area. The idea was that this new set of housing would drive the economy of the surrounding area by providing more workers, while also offering current workers affordable homes within commuting distance.

We faced some unique challenges on this project. Providing six different AVR3 photorealistic verified views, we were keen to show the development from a variety of viewpoints. However, our site visits and initial photography was done in the winter and our client wanted images of the project in summer for comparison.

Therefore, we took extra care in the post-production stage of the process to create a set of photomontages that provided an accurate view of what the proposal would like in the summer. This was mostly done by adding summer foliage digitally over the winter scenes to bring it to the life of a realistic summer scene. We love working on projects like this, that offer us new and exciting ways to approach our usual methodologies.

Viewpoint 3 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 3 AVR3 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 4 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 4 AVR3 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 2 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 2 AVR3 Verified View“>

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