Pannell House

  • Landmark
  • Residential
  • Location: Leicester City Centre
  • Client: Zone Developments
  • Year: 2019
  • Sector: Landmark, Residential

Photorealistic verified views for the extension and redevelopment of the former Pannell House building in Leicester City Centre.

One of the most exciting ways of breathing new life into a city centre is by redeveloping the older buildings that have gone beyond their glory days. One of these such buildings, situated in Leicester City Centre, was Pannell House. Purchased for £1.5 million, the plan was to invest into redeveloping the building, switching it from an office block to new apartments, giving it a more contemporary feel and improving its efficiency as a space.

Successful redevelopments like this one can drive up the value of the area, producing higher incomes for nearby businesses and reducing crime rates. If nothing else, breathing life into outdated office blocks simply makes the area look much nicer.

We worked closely with the council to determine which view were required. They were very much involved with the planning application and they requested verified views to ensure accuracy. Different clients require verified views for a number of reasons, sometimes they are to be used as promotional material or to convince investors. Other times they are used to see how different architectural features will fit into the landscape.

This time, the requirement was to determine the impact of the size and massing of the proposals on a surrounding historic buildings. The client was planning to add an extension to part of the building and had created an accurate model of the construction but needed to see just how visible it would be from a two of specific locations. We worked closely with the architects, planning consultant and client in selecting two key locations, one on Charles Street and the other on Dover Street. We then carefully selected the right lens for the task, choosing on this particular project to use tilt-shift photography.

For the Charles Street location, the planning department needed to verify that the impact of the extension was not too detrimental on the historic neighbouring Grade II listed Central Baptist Church. As such only a basic AVR1 occluded wireline verified views was needed. The Dover Street location needed slightly more detail, as they needed to assess the visual impact of the proposed materials on the rear façade. The AVR3 photorealistic verified view needed to show what impact the extension would have over the streetscape of Granby Street and to the setting of the Granby Street Conservation Area.

Viewpoint 2 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 2 AVR3 Verified View“>
Viewpoint 1 Baseline Image“> Viewpoint 1 AVR1 Verified View“>

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