The Difference Between CGI Animation & Verified Views

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CGI animation is a computer generated image used by landscape architects and architects around the world to show how a design concept will look once complete. In fact CGI technology has a wide range of uses in the construction industry. Illustrating how a concept will look, showing an interior design idea to painting a picture of a regeneration project, CGI is an architect’s best friend.

However, CGI is not always the best tool to use. CGI alone is not always accurate and there are other technologies that a landscape architect can use to effectively pitch their ideas. Verified Views is an advancement from CGI animation. Now being used within the UK architect industry it is a state of the art visualisation technology. Let’s explore the difference between CGI animation and Verified Views.

What is CGI Animation & Why is it Used?

First let’s take a look at CGI animation. With its ability to bring an idea to life, CGIs help architects and construction experts to show how a concept may look. Used in the consultation phase of a project, CGIs can give a client or a prospective buyer a taste of how a development might look, in it’s best possible form. This type of visualisation technology can also show how a property might be used in the future. CGI animations often include illustrations of people, traffic and plants to add more depth to a development idea. A CGI image of a new hotel development, for example, might show guests checking in at the reception, people enjoying the pool area and cars parked at the front of the building.

The Difference Between CGI Animation & Verified Views

CGI Animation may include but is not limited to:

The image is not meant to give an accurate picture of how the property will look once complete, but more about the ideas and inspiration behind it. CGIs are great at provoking emotion too! Often they are designed to make you desire the outcome. If it’s an apartment development, a CGI might show luxury furnishings and socialising opportunities. As a strong marketing tool in the architect industry, CGI animations are great at giving property investors a taste of what’s to come. Basically this is about painting a beautiful picture, an architectural visualisation of a project if you will. 

CGI Animation is used to:

CGI Animation does not:

What Are Verified Views & Why Are They Needed?

On the other hand, Verified Views offer a precise, accurate depiction of what a building will look like in context and when complete. As a key component in a landscape architect’s toolkit, Verified Views will give clients an accurate picture of how a building will actually look, in the exact location where it’s being built or developed. You will be able to clearly see the new building’s impact on its surroundings, which is particularly important when developing property in a place of natural beauty or high sensitivity to change.

The Difference Between CGI Animation & Verified Views

A Verified View may include:

Verified Views provide:

When you are trying to secure planning permission, Verified Views are strongly preferred. When preparing a Verified View image, the quality of the image and it’s accuracy is paramount and this is regulated by The Landscape Institute and London View Framework. Unlike CGI animation, Verified Views use survey data, photography, 3D modelling and CGI animation to create a real-world perspective.

Benefits of Verified Views

A Verified View image is made using photography, 3D models, CGIs and the skills of a landscape architect. Having the unique ability to bring a project to life and creating a highly accurate representation is invaluable. This photo montage technology is a great tool to use as a landscape architect in the UK and will really help clients to understand your design, planning and concept.

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