What Are Landscape Architects & What Makes Them Different?

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Architecture is rapidly moving towards sustainability. By incorporating the natural world into designs and concepts, landscape architects are helping lead the way for contemporary development. From eco-friendly properties and urban gardens, to buildings reflecting the beauty of the nature around it. Landscape architecture is key to moving property developers towards a more eco-friendly way of life. Plus sustainable design can also help developers to secure funding and planning permission, with minimal eco impact structures. Using green concepts and power saving strategies, landscape architects are taking inspiration from the land and nature around a building to provide a sustainable design.

We can see evidence of this today with the introduction of more green spaces in busy built up cities. Landscape architecture that promotes nature is also vital for human survival. In fact, biodiversity is one way of cleansing the air we breathe, and helps make urban environments healthier.

Similar to architects, a landscape architect uses clever technology to pitch creative sustainable designs. By harbouring the power of Verified Views, landscape architects can help clearly show a planners and developers what they should expect from scheme proposals. With an eye for detail, Verified Views provides an in-depth look into the future, showing accurate visualisations of the final concept.

What Are Verified Views & Why Are They Important?

As part of a landscape architect’s job description, they must pitch and present their proposals to clients in order to win a project. Verified Views is one way that landscape architects in the UK can give new clients an accurate picture of how their design will look once complete. A crucial stage of the initial project, a good design could be overlooked with a poor pitch. Technology is helping landscape architects show-off their designs and creative flare.

Also known as a visual verified montage or an accurate visual representation, Verified Views carefully combine photography, data, 3D modelling and CGI animation. This paints a picture for a client and gives them a series of scaled images so that they can imagine how the property will look when complete. The beauty of Verified Views is that you can see where the final building will be and how it will actually look in the location it is to be built. This also helps clients gain planning permission to build the property, as they can use the images to show how the design will fit in with any surrounding buildings, or how it will upgrade the overall look of a street.

It’s good to know that Verified Views are subject to rigorous guidelines and advice. These guidelines are provided by the Landscape Institute and London View Framework and help to ensure that the pictures are highly accurate and reflect the final design well. Unlike a CGI animation that offers an idea rather than an actual design, Verified Views helps build confidence of a design and an architect.

How Are Verified Views Created?

A visual representation of a project is created by a landscape architect in their studio. Using site-specific geographic data along with state of the art 3D modelling, a landscape architect can create a highly accurate image of their final design. After this, CGI animation is then used to add context to the image, so that a seamless transition can be made between the photograph of the location and the 3D architect design.

AVR3 Verified View, Baseline Image“> AVR3 Verified View, Verified View“>
AVR3 Verified View of proposed extension to building.

Chartered Landscape Architects in the UK

Rbmp is a registered and chartered landscape architect firm based in Manchester and London. Having worked on projects throughout the UK, their highly experienced team provides clients with Verified Views. Focusing on quality and bespoke architecture, the team assists clients with landscape architecture, urban design and masterplanning.

If you are looking for a UK based landscape architecture firm that specialises in Verified Views, feel free to contact their team today on 0161 706 0158 or visit landscapeinstitute.org

The Landscape Institute sets out the process for creating Verified Views. If you would like to read more about the different types of visual representations provided by landscape architects you can read it here: Visual Representation of development proposals.

How Visual Representations Are Transforming Contemporary Architecture

When it comes to landscape architecture, it’s important to be able to show a client an accurate visual representation of a design and concept. Verified photomontages provide an additional tool used to support LVIA and give more detail and context for a property developer. When we consider sustainable development, Verified Views can show how a building may impact the environment or benefit the area. If a client is yet to secure funding or planning permission for their project, a visual representation can certainly help them to build a good case. Unlike CGI images, Verified Views offer a greater level of trust for planning applications and public scrutiny. This is why they are often preferred by clients when seeking a skilled and experienced landscape architect in the UK.

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