Why Landscape Photography Should Include Seasonal Verified Views

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Seasonal architect photography is a great way to bring your planned property development to life in both summer and winter months. Key to securing planning permission, in this article, we explain why Verified Views are an important and often essential aspect in the design process of property development in the UK.

UK Seasons and Landscape Photography

The UK has four clear seasons, and each season comes with it’s own unique characteristics. The weather, season and nature can dramatically impact the look and feel of a property or building. Ideally, a building should blend in beautifully with the natural surroundings, but just because it looks good in spring and summer, doesn’t necessarily mean it will look the same during winter. If a property is covered by dense greenery during summer, the building itself may be hidden and less likely to be considered an eye sore. However, the colder months of the year can reveal the building in full, when trees are bare and the weather is overcast. This can make a big difference and can quickly turn a discreet property development into a bit of an eyesore.

The changing seasons can be a factor in the design of a property. Being able to see how a building will look throughout the year helps UK architects and property developers refine their designs and development plans to create something that looks smart and pleasing no matter the season.

Since the ever-changing weather in the UK is an important factor to consider when designing a building, it is a wise idea to have professional Verified Views created by a skilled architect and photographer. Seasonal Verified Views help to bring a project to life and allows architects, designers and property developers to see a building in full in both winter and summer months. This also helps when securing planning permission and in the final designs of the building.

Recently our team carried out a seasonal Verified Views project for Magdalen College School in Oxford. We were able to illustrate how the property and design of the building will change depending on the season and weather, along with the greenery around it.

Magdalen College School Seasonal Verified Views

Landscape photography must be as accurate as possible. When creating a seasonal Verified Views image, it’s vital that key elements are kept exactly the same. The camera angle and location must be identical. This ensures that the Verified Views are of high quality and gives an accurate representation of the building and potential development plan/ design.

As you can see from the images of  Magdalen College School, the seasonal Verified Views image shows how the seasonal tree vegetation covers the building during the summer months. Yet, in winter, the building is greatly exposed. The Verified Views images gives us an accurate idea of how the proposed development will be seen from public areas around the site.

“> Magdalen School VP02 Summer“>
Magdalen School VP07 Winter“> Magdalen School VP07 Summer“>
Magdalen School VP06 Winter“> Magdalen School VP06 Summer“>
Magdalen School VP10 Winter“> Magdalen School VP10 Summer“>

To ensure the Verified Views are as accurate as possible, we used a number of methods. First, our team made points on the ground surrounding the site. This allows us to set the location accurately and laser level and measure to get the camera lens at the exact same height for both images. To set ground points, edges of paving stones or manhole covers are often used, as they will remain in place when you return to take the second image.

How to Get Repeat Architect Photography Accurate

Repeat architect or landscape photography has huge benefits, not only for the design and development of properties. In fact, repeat landscape photography is used by scientists and environmental researches in order to monitor the impact of climate change. One thing that both scientific research and Verified Views have in common is the level of accuracy required. If one component is different, it can impact the end results, therefore each factor must be identical or as close as possible to each other.

Verified Views Location Marking

When creating seasonal Verified Views it’s important to ensure that both images are taken in the exact same way. The following elements must be the same:

This helps to provide a highly accurate visual representation of how the proposed architectural design will look depending on the season. Taken from a specific viewpoint, Verified Views allow you to gauge the visual impact of a project before any work even begins. In fact, they are now a crucial part to the UK planning system, as they take the guesswork and artistic interpretation associated with CGIs and photomontages.

If you are interested in seasonal Verified Views, feel free to contact our team today. We would be more than happy to discuss your upcoming Verified Views needs and how our team can help you secure planning permission while bringing your project and design to life: verifiedviews.co.uk

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